Landsbankinn regularly consults with key stakeholders to familiarise itself with their expectations and views on the Bank's operation. Such dialogue is intended to support product and service development, aligning it with the needs of customers and the community.

Stakeholders are divided into internal and external parties. Internal parties include customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and the community. External parties are the authorities, regulators, media, investors, interest and lobbying groups.

Landsbankinn has not performed a stakeholder analysis based on ESG factors but avails itself of various methods, such as open meetings, comment systems, surveys, focus groups and interviews with employees and customers. The chapter on collaborators discusses Landsbankinn’s partnership with several stakeholders.


For the past six years, Landsbankinn has measured employees’ attitude towards the Bank’s sustainability platform with a survey that includes a question about its importance to the Bank’s operation. Sustainability and ESG have been considered important all six years. There was a significant increase between 2017 and 2018, with a rise from 4.22 to 4.35 out of 5. In 2019, the figure was 4.34 out of 5. Employees have also been asked to rate overall job satisfaction in recent years and job satisfaction rated 4.4 out of 5 in 2019, remaining unchanged from 2018.

In recent years, EMC rannsóknir has asked the public whether they consider their bank to be sustainable. The question was most recently asked in November and December of 2019 and scored 2.6 on a scale of 1-5. The highest-scoring bank got 2.8 on the same scale and the lowest-scoring 2.4. The survey included 89 of the country’s largest companies and the average score was 2.7. Landsbankinn’s score thus compares to the average company.