Landsbankinn publishes varied content on economic and financial matters in the broadest sense to its news and content site, Umræðan. Such publication refers to and is part of the Bank's aim to be a dynamic presence in the community. Subjects covered in 2019 include the travel industry, changes in financial services, young adults and finances, green funding and cyber security. A podcast from Economic Research was added to the wide variety of content published by Landsbankinn in 2019.

Interesting content on Umræðan

Umræðan has grown since it was launched in 2016. Content is presented in an accessible manner and covers trending topics in finance as well as social developments. Material is published in a myriad of formats, as text, photos, graphic statistics, informative videos and podcasts.

In 2019, Umræðan covered various topics as usual. Several articles focused on developments in banking and finance, including What direction is banking taking? which discusses changes in banking services brought on by open banking. There was a piece on PSD2 in Europe, good reception of the first A2A payment solution and Apple Pay. Another article reviewed how financial activity has increasingly moved to smartphones.

There was a strong focus on sustainability. Articles that focused on CSR included green financing by municipalities, a discussion about how companies are evaluated based on CSR and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as they relate to Landsbankinn’s sustainability targets. Cyber security was another topic that maintained top position for another year. The Bank has placed strong emphasis on informing customers about the issue. Articles explained sextortion, a type of Internet fraud, and presented free solutions to secure email communication. The calculated psychological warfare perpetrated in cybercrime was discussed, as was investor fraud, which increased greatly in 2019.

Some good advice was extended regarding the establishment and operation of charities and the opportunities and challenges Icelandic seafood and fisheries face from altered commercial practices was reviewed. Some of the topics covered on Umræðan have links to the community and the Bank’s partners. This includes a retrospective on Iceland Airwaves with a review of thirty videos Landsbankinn has produced in collaboration with young musicians performing at the festival. An article was published on the occasion of Gay Pride, describing the Pride Parade as an important family festival and another article reviewed the Politeness Prize Landsbankinn and KSÍ present to junior football leagues. A contributor wrote about how Polish nationals living in Iceland appreciate being able to get bank services in their native tongue. There was a review of how new technology impacts the life of individuals with disabilities, a consideration that was taken into concern in the entire design and development of Landsbankinn’s app.

There was in-depth coverage of young adults and finances, incorporating interviews with several young adults on savings and advice from Landsbankinn’s specialists. A similar piece focused on young adults and the housing market.

Íslensku vefverðlaunin

  • Umræðan has been chosen the best content and news site, as judged by the panel of the Icelandic Web Awards.

Five topics on Umræðan

  • Society - Thoughtful articles and interviews about new developments and changes in the community, the financial world and in Landsbankinn's operations.
  • Economy - Articles and research on the economy from Landsbankinn Economic Research.
  • Conferences - Miscellaneous material from conferences and meetings hosted by the Bank.
  • Fjárhagur - Shorter, informative articles in which Landsbankinn employees share their experience and expertise on household finances and economics.
  • Podcast - Umræðan podcast was launched in 2018, in collaboration with the University of Iceland Student Council. The focus was on student and young adult housing issues, first purchase and the rental market. Economic Research’s podcast, Markaðsumræðan, was launched in 2019.

Dedicated websites were set up under Umræðan on the occasion of larger publications by Economic Research, as in previous years. A detailed analysis of the travel industry was published in September and the department’s Macroeconomic forecast was published in October. The websites employ interactive graphs, videos, photos and interviews with stakeholders in industry to illustrate the points made in Economic Research's analyses. Recordings and slides from conferences held in connection with publications are published to dedicated websites.

Landsbankinn Economic Research publishes its regular bulletin on economic affairs, Hagsjá, on Umræðan, with a focus on economic developments, public finances, the real estate market, the inflation outlook etc. Regular column Icelandic Economic Weekly includes market information, a review of the previous week and a calendar for upcoming financial events, publication of statistics, financial statements, etc.

Markaðsumræðan is directed by Arnar I. Jónsson and Sveinn Thórarinsson.

Markaðsumræðan, Economic Research’s podcast

Markaðsumræðan is a new podcast on Umræðan in which equity analysts with Landsbankinn Economic Research discuss their take on and analysis of listed companies and review recent economic and market developments. The podcast is accessible and the aim is to boost interest and discussion of the equity market.

The Markaðsumræðan podcast was launched in October. The main focus is on securities and domestic market developments without forgetting general information about economics, the economy and influencing factors such as the travel industry. A total of five podcasts aired in 2019 on a wide variety of topics.

Podcast on Umræðan

  • In a new podcast on Umræðan, Markaðsumræðan, analysts from Landsbankinn Economic Research review the equity market, business and industry, and the economy in general.

More about Markaðsumræðan (in Icelandic)
Landsbankinn Economic Research is a prolific producer of research and analyses of economic developments. The department plays a key role in shaping Landsbankinn's stance on developments and outlook in the economy, both in Iceland and abroad. The department publishes macroeconomic and inflation forecasts, prepares sector analyses and handles other specialised tasks. Economic Research also prepares analyses and price valuations of listed companies.

Economic Research published 353 analyses in 2019

Economic Research published a total of 353 analyses in 2019 and hosted several events and information meetings on the economy. The department produced an in-depth review of the status and outlook in the travel industry and presented the results to a well-attended conference in Harpa in October. Economic Research then presented its annual macroeconomic forecast, Þjóðhagur, in Harpa in November and it was published on Umræðan. It is composed of in-depth analytical articles on various aspects of the Icelandic and global economy. The title of the 2019 conference was: “The economy comes in for a soft landing”. There was special coverage on the housing market and Jamie Rush, Chief European Economist for Bloomberg Economics in London, discussed the economic ramifications of populism.

Analysts from Economic Research were prominent in domestic media in 2019, personally answering questions on the economy and their written publications being quoted.

Publications by Economic Research
Economic analysis, the stock and FX markets
Þjóðhagur and special publications 2
Hagsjá 150
Iceland Economic Weekly 49
Monthly review of the FX market 12
Monthly review of covered bonds 12
Equity market
Profit forecasts 60
Performance reviews 38
Valuations 13
Monthly summaries 11
Special publications 1
Podcasts 5